1. "Who are you?"

- I'm just a guy who loves talking about movies, music, video games and collectibles.


2. "Why do you mainly talk about horror?"

- Because horror is awesome! Don't get me wrong, I love all genres of film, but a good horror movie just gets my motor going. What can I say, I'm a sick guy. ;)


3. "Will you review my movie/product?"

- Absolutely! Shoot me a message in the "About/Contact" section and let's talk.


4. "Can I request a movie for you to review?"

- By all means. Post all review requests in the Forum section here.


5. "Is there any way I can support your channel?"

- If you're feeling generous, you can always become a Patron or send me a donation via Paypal here. There are some cool Patron rewards and all Paypal donations are greatly appreciated.


6. What kind of music do you listen to?

- METAL! Honestly, though, I love all kinds of different rock music. I have pretty eclectic taste when it comes to what I listen to. Yeah, I love metal, but I also love shoe-gaze, goth, progressive and alternative. Just no country, please. 


7. What are your favorite video games?

- I grew up with a Nintendo, so I have very fond memories of Super Mario, Mike Tyson's Punchout, Tecmo Bowl, Mega Man, Castlevania, even Jaws and Friday the 13th. I went from there to the SNES and games like Mortal Kombat II, Mario Kart, Super Mario World and Tecmo Super Bowl. Now, if it ain't Call of Duty, I don't play it. Noob!


8. What are your favorite books/authors?

- Yeah, I read. I know you're shocked, but it's true. My favorite authors are Don Delillo, Bret Easton Ellis, Clive Barker and Stephen King. My favorite novels are Lord of the Flies, White Noise, American Psycho, The Corrections, among many others.


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