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On this episode of On The Reel, I'm joined by the elusive Eric Freeman, star of Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. Eric discusses all thing Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, including his performance, the "Finding Freeman" movement, his thoughts on "Garbage Day" going viral and how he feels about being a bonafied icon in the horror movie community.


On this episode of On The Reel, I'm joined by acclaimed special make-up and creature effects artist, Steve Johnson, to discuss his nearly 4 decades in the business, the heyday of the special effects industry, his teachers, the blockbusters that he worked on, the heavyweight directors that he collaborated with, and how he's documented it all - the fast times, the groupies, the rock star status - in his upcoming book, Rubberhead: Sex, Drugs and Special FX.


On this episode of On The Reel, I'm joined by Sean Clark, creator and host of the popular series Horror's Hallowed Grounds. We discuss the inception of Horror's Hallowed Grounds, writing and producing feature films and extras for Blu-ray releases, his unique convention experiences and we explore why people are drawn to the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres.


On the inaugural episode of On The Reel, I'm joined by Peter Bracke, author of the book Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete Hisotry of Friday the 13th, to discuss the painstaking process with which he wrote the book, the enduring legacy of Friday the 13th, his thoughts on the proposed re-boot, the current state of the horror genre and much, much more.

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