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Shane Black Says The Predator Will Be an "Event Film."

Writer/director Shane Black was recently interviewed by The Thrillist about his new film The Nice Guys and during the interview the topic of The Predator came up. Black (who co-wrote The Predator script with Fred Dekker) had some very interesting things to say about it...

They called me and I was reluctant. I said, “Look. You guys at Fox, I mean, I enjoy these movies, but we’ve been churning out these AVP whatever, they each cost a certain amount of money, they’re okay, but there’s no effort to elevate them or make them any kind of an event.” They’re just sort of another Predator. “Oh, there’s another one that came out.” They said, “What if we said to you we want to reinvent this, and really treat it with as much of an event status, or as much hoopla as we would the Alien prequel, which is coming out also? We really want to make this something. The kind of movie that people line up for.” I said, “Really, you’ll spend a bunch of money?” They go, “Yep.” I go, “Make it really scale, spectacle?” “Yep.” “Shit, that sounds interesting.”

I think the first one was great, and it was contained, and it was a perfect little gem for what it was. I think there’s an expansion that needs to take place, and also just a love for that era, that movie, and the mythology of the Predator. I think that they came to me knowing pretty much that… they said, basically, if I wanted to make Predator but treat it like it was Iron Man III instead of just another little movie. I said, “Let’s really do it right this time.”

When asked if Arnold Schwarzenegger would be involved, Black said that negotations (not necessarily with Schwarzenegger) were currenlty in the works and that the plot of the film, for now, must remain a mystery. The film is currenlty slated for a 2018 release.

It sounds like Fox is going to give The Predator the kind of push studios reserve only for their intended blockbusters. This is a title fans have been anxiously awaiting since it was first announced and expectations are high, considering the fact that Predator fans have been underwhelmed with the last few films that have featured the iconic character.

A big budget Predator film, co-written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker, directed by Shane Black and potentially starring (or at least appearing in some capacity) Arnold Schwarzenegger? Yeah, I'm pumped! Are you getting excited for The Predator? Let me know in the comments section below.

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