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Ghosts 2 Will Be the Next Call of Duty Title

Several sources (some kinda reputable, some kinda not) have been reporting for months that the next Call of Duty title will be a sequel to 2013's Ghosts. Despite these reports, most gamers have refused to acknowledge the old saying that if one person calls you a horse, they're crazy. If three people call you a horse, it's a conspiracy. If ten people tell you you're horse, it's time to buy a saddle. Well, dear reader, it looks like we'll be saddled with Ghosts 2 this November.

Frag Hero is reporting that the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise will be Ghosts 2, as confirmed by several sources (including a gaming industry executive). Now before you go all PTSD remembering the way-too-big, drab-looking maps, the ineffective, unrewarding killstreak rewards and the overall dull-to-the-point-of-passing-out-mid-game gameplay, Infinity Ward is promising big changes. The once mighty developers who brought us the popular Modern Warfare series have reportedly performed a "tremendous" visual overhaul for the new game. Oh, and Riley, the German Shepherd that watches your back, will return! (Yes, you sensed sarcasm.) Infinity Ward has reportedly decided to announce the game ahead of schedule due to all the leaks and will have a full reveal, including gameplay footage, at this year's E3. Read the full article at Frag Hero here.

My advise to Infinity Ward, apology with full disclosure to the community. Admit that you dropped the ball with Ghosts (considered by many the worst CoD game, at least until Advanced Warfare dropped the following year, a real one-two punch of awful game design and horrible gameplay), promise that you've listened to the community, implementing smaller, visually pleasing maps that promote action oriented gameplay, killstreaks that actually get kills and BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Everybody deserves a second chance and who doesn't love a good redemptive story.

Can Ghosts 2 be...good? Infinity Ward has had three years to sit and think about what they did...I mean, develop the game. Hey, at least I have more faith in Infinity Ward and Ghosts 2 than I do Sledgehammer and Advanced Warfare 2. BRRRR! A cold chill just went up my spine thinking about CoD 2017.

Sound off in the comments section below. Is there hope for Ghosts 2?

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