JAWS Sequels Coming to Blu-ray

Universal recently announced that Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge would be arriving on Blu-ray this June. But before you go making summer plans at Amity Island, Universal doesn't seem to be giving the sequels the same attention the studio bestowed upon its Blu-ray release of the original.

Not only do the discs appear to be upscale versions of the DVD releases, but we get no new extras. Jaws 2 features the same extras as the DVD release from 2001, Jaws 3 gives you the opportunity to watch the film in 3D...if you own a 3D television and a 3D Blu-ray player and Jaws: The Revenge offers us a trailer. Yeah, not much to see here. Even the packaging for the discs seems...dead in the water. The original poster art for all three films are cool, but...these are the Jaws movies here! Come on! Not even a slipcase? Something!?

While the Jaws sequels certainly pale in comparison to the landmark original, Universal seems to acknowledge that the sequels (and the fans of the sequels) are important enough to warrant individual Blu-rays for each, just not important enough to deliver high quality ones.

To find out more about the releases, including pre-orders, click here.

Find the cover art for all three Blu-rays below. How do you feel about the Jaws sequels getting the bare-bones treatment from Universal? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to subscribe to my site (also below) to be notified of all video uploads long before they go live on YouTube.

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