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The CW Axes Friday the 13th TV Series

A source close to the Friday the 13th series reported to me that the CW network has officially axed their plans to produce a television series based on Friday the 13th. This will definitely come as good news to those of us who felt that the CW/Friday the 13th union just didn't fit.

So what happened? According to my source, the network didn't jibe with the concept for the series. What was the concept? Apparently, that's the problem. After months of development, there was still no real concept for the series, causing network execs to re-think bringing Friday the 13th (back) to the small screen.

Personally, I had no hope for a new Friday the 13th television series, particularly one airing on the CW. When the news first broke that the CW would be bringing Friday the 13th (back) to television, I posted a video voicing my concerns. Check it out:

What are your thoughts on the CW reportedly cancelling their plans for a new Friday the 13th television series? Sound off in the comments section below.

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