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Original ALIEN "Big Chap" Test Footage

Alien Day may be over, but after discussing the elegantly creepy performance of the Xenomorph in the original Alien during Tuesday's episode of the The Sausage Factory, in which we celebrated Alien Day by watching and discussing James Cameron's special edition of Aliens, I stumbled across this test footage of 7'2" performer Bolaji Badejo, who donned the iconic Xenomorph "Big Chap" costume designed by H.R. Giger in the original Alien.

The footage shows Badejo, wearing a mock-up of the Alien head, creeping through a corridor of the Nostromo, and it's pretty terrifying. Check it out for yourself and then check out The Sausage Factory's Alien Day show (both below).

Sound off in the comments section below. How did you spend Alien Day?

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