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COMET TV Alien Attack Movie Marathon Giveaway

To celebrate Independence Day, Comet TV is holding a movie marathon beginning on July Fourth and featuring Invisible Invaders (1959), The Falling (1987), Strange Invaders (1983) and more! What's better than a July Fourth sci-fi movie marathon? How about a giveaway including some awesome free stuff, including a limited edition fidget spinner, survival bottle, popcorn tubs and popcorn, as well as a limited edition Alien Invasion Collector Card (all pictured above)!

But first, a word from Comet TV:



This July marks the 70th anniversary of the mysterious UFO crash at Roswell, and COMET is going all out to celebrate. On July 4, we’ll be airing our Invasion: Alien Attack Movie Marathon beginning at 10am/9C, which includes such classics as Strange Invaders and Without Warning.

July 4th beginning at 10AM/9C

Invisible Invaders (1959) at 10AM/9C

The Falling (1987) at NOON/11C

Strange Invaders (1983) at 2P/1C

Without Warning (1980) at 4P/3C

Alien Autopsy (2006) at 6P/5C


Sunday, June 25 – set up back-to-back for your curiosity, The Prophecy Trilogy starting at 2P/1C

The Prophecy (1995) at 2P/1C The Prophecy II (1998) at 4P/3C The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000) at 6P/5C


All you have to do to enter to to win the giveaway is leave a comment down in the comments section below. Be sure to subscribe to my website (also located below) to be notified of all new posts and updates.

Giveaway open to the US only.

A winner will be selected on July 7th.

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