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The Cloverfield Paradox, like it's troubled production history, is weird and interesting in a primarily good way. Starting out as an idea back in 2012 and, originally having nothing to do with the Cloverfield series at all, it finally began filming in 2016 with Cloverfield elements being added in the middle of shooting. This will bring up plot holes and other issues into the film and how it fits into the Cloverfield series in an important way, as this film serves as a prequel. A prequel to me that's a mixed bag.

In the near future Earth is facing a severe energy and food shortage with many nations at the brink of war. In an attempt to solve these problems a multinational crew is tasked with creating infinite energy from use of a particle accelerator aboard the Cloverfield Station. Over the next two years all attempts fail as the crisis on Earth gets worse. Eventually it looks to finally be a success but a system overload causes a malfunction that will soon turn deadly for the crew and people of Earth. The Cloverfield Station is now out of contact with Earth and can't find it, beginning a quest to get home to a planet under attack.

Starting with the positive, the acting is really good and the crew chemistry is there. The early story raises the stakes and sets up character conflicts and presents the arrival of the other films creatures in an acceptable way. The film looks great and would have been worth an IMAX screening had it been released in theaters. I like the look and feel of the ship interior and the use of color throughout the movie is amazing. Regardless of what you think of the film, it keeps your eyes on the screen and your brain thinking.

However your mind will many times turn to the film's issues. The one that stands out the most to me is that this world on the brink of having no power and on the edge of war is not seen in the film. Then there's all the science mumbo-jumbo about how this or that works. Deadly things start to happen to the ship's crew and it really doesn't make sense as to why it's happening. Some characters seem to die just because the plot demands it. There's a subplot with the main character's husband that, after she goes missing, doesn't really add much to anything.

I recommend watching for the acting, visuals, and to discover how the creatures and aliens in the previous films arrived on Earth. Though be warned, you'll be left with far more questions than answers.


El Barto acquired a love of horror, film, and pro wrestling from a very young age that has only continued to grow to this day. He enjoys learning about the background and production of movies, reading, collecting, and discussing just about any form of entertainment.

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