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Alien Day 2018 Preview

Starting in 2016 April 26th became a day for fans, 20th Century Fox, and other company's to celebrate all things relating to the Alien franchise. This has included contests, giveaways, sneak previews, and releases of new apparel and merchandise. This year will see the following released with even more currently unknown items being released as well. Alien: The Cold Forge by Alex White (Novel) Aliens: Dust to Dust Issue 1 by Dark Horse Comics ( Comic Book ) Alien: Sea of Sorrows by Audible Original (Audio Drama) ● New, never before seen apparel has recently been added to

Leading up to ALIEN DAY, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will make every film in the ALIEN franchise available to own digitally for $4.99 through the “Movie of the Day” app. This includes Alien (4/21), Aliens (4/22), Alien3 (4/23), Alien: Resurrection (4/24), Prometheus (4/25) and Alien: Covenant (4/26). Eaglemoss, The Loyal Subjects, Funko, NECA, Mondo, Fright Rags, Geek Fuel, Super 7, Mattel, Diamond Select, and Heighway Pinball Limited all have new merchandise for Alien Day as well.


El Barto acquired a love of horror, film, and pro wrestling from a very young age that has only continued to grow to this day. He enjoys learning about the background and production of movies, reading, collecting, and discussing just about any form of entertainment.

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